Coating and corrosion protection for Offshore / Onshore, marine and shipbuilding

For applications at sea, special corrosion protection is required. Many machines and motors suffer from coating problems / rust susceptibility especially on passive parts, such as tanks and pipes. Every year, corrosion causes millions of dollars’ worth of damage. In order to protect metallic materials against environmental influences and thus corrosion, coating The cost is in relation to the costs caused by corrosion such as loss of value and downtime, disassembly, etc., very low.  Those who save on corrosion protection, it will be expensive for them afterwards, especially in plant construction that is no longer easily accessible after assembly, such as offshore, water and wastewater treatment in maritime applications.

But not only the business side is an argument for careful corrosion protection, but also the safety. In particular, in large steel constructions on which people move, e.g. for oil rigs or bridges, attention must be paid to compliance with the relevant standards in the anti-corrosive coating. Here are just the transition zones from submerged to non-submerged as a boundary, critical.

The right coating system

The basis for effective corrosion protection of steel and other metals is the appropriate preparation of the components, e.g. Sandblast for the removal of surface defects such as pores in welds or rolling defects, mandatory. Only if the surface quality is right, modern coatings can protect the metal well against corrosion.

The today's coating systems for corrosion protection often consist of 2 or more components. To ensure long-term protection against corrosion, attention must be paid to careful processing of the corrosion protection material. These include, in addition to the correct surface treatment, e.g. also observing the correct mixing ratio, observing the dripping time and the application with the required layer thickness.

For our new coating method / concept, the above-mentioned boundary conditions do not apply to the full extent. In this process, the finished corrosion protection material is applied with a constant layer thickness (also on corners and edges), which ensures reliable protection. This ensures absolutely safe surface protection.

Our corrosion protection process can be implemented in the workshop or on-site if required. 

Our participation in the International Fair for Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology

At  international trade fair SMM 2018 (the International Fair for Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology) in Hamburg, Tethys ENOTEC GmbH had represented its own program. The biennial fair is the window to the maritime world of marine equipment.

As an eye-catcher and example of a corrosion protection concept, in the shown picture of the exhibition is shown a section of the ship structure, in the area of the lower tank deck with three demo components (pipe section with flange, pipe section, angle), coated with a coating as high-quality corrosion protection.


For special and individual technical requirements or system applications (Tailor made / retrofit / special production), please contact us directly.


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