Our "long Years Experiences" in plant design and development, especially in the field of environmental- and process engineering, is the basis for finding optimal solution concepts. Tethys ENOTEC GmbH delivers mainly water- and sewage treatment systems (also in compact /skid forms) for land and marine applications. In the maritime application, one of the most customer wishes is one skid solution plants. This type of systems are tested units, ready for operation and can be installed in a short time and they are easy to integrate in the existing systems. According to the present IMO Resolutions (International Maritime Organization) and the possible changed rules, it is necessary to adopt the type approved systems on the newest IMO Resolution. In the offshore technology, water- and sewage treatment plants have to be match to the special requirements on platforms. In case of retrofit actions, it is necessary to design the systems so, that an easy integration under running conditions, is possible. These all be realized in our company by our knowledgeable experts, which have a long experience in design, scale up and manufacturing such a systems, also for the other companies.

Services an Supplies

The remuneration is based on the currently valid "HOAI" in Germany, if no project-related offer has been made.


  • We offer raw water storage and buffering tanks in metallic- and concrete for continuously daily treating over 24 hours per day. A special logic (software program) will be considered for controlling inlet and outlet of the tanks and will define the capacity and necessary configuration of the tanks.

Convey- und Transport- systemes

  • We design, manufacture and deliver pump stations and piping systems conform to the local conditions as well as the arrangement (Foot-Print). The definition, size- and specification of pump stations is for special applications.

Pump Station

Pump rooms of a water treatment system.

Pump Station

Pump rooms of a water treatment system. 

Measurement-Systems (Field-Sensor technology, Transmitters)

We deliver Engineering & Programming (combination) and different measuring systems / sensors:

  • level-Meter (for all different applications, for example: Level sensors for sweet water, brackish water and sea water)
  • Special air bubbles, hydrographic level sensors
  • Flow measuring Sensors/Transmitters (Electromagnetic Flowmeters, Ultra Sonic flowmeters, Open Venturi Flowmeters
  • pH-Transmitters
  • Conductivity sensors / Transmitters
  • Temperature sensors / Transmitter
  • And generally all relevant sensors according to our technology and engineering


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