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Ports with direct access to the open sea

The economic importance of harbors that have direct access to the open sea becomes significantly influenced by the boundary condition and is significantly influenced, whether in the port constant water level prevails or is required. The restrictions are considerably for one transregional freight and passenger traffic in ports without stabilized water level in the Docks and of high economic importance. To meet this, it is necessary to consider a sluice system, which allows the vessels at any time of day to pass, independent of the fluctuating water level in the sea (tide). This means a sluice system can maintain and ensure a constant water level in the harbor.


1) Sea sluice with automatically controlled sluicing (in/out)

Tethys ENOTEC GmbH has a specialized measuring system for recording and controlling the required measuring parameters. A pneumatic measuring principle is used, which records the water level outside the sea, inside the port and in the lock chamber and passes it on to the lock control. The measurement principle has the following advantages:  

  • No risk of clogging,
  • Insensitive against foam and waves,
  • no frost sensitivity,
  • no moving parts,
  • Robust in use
  • Any number of set points possible

The following values ​​are recorded:                                      

  • measuring the water level at the sea side,
  • measuring the water level in the harbor basin,
  • Measurement of the water level in the lock chamber,
  • Position of the floodgates to the sea side,
  • Position of the floodgates to the port side,

Tethys ENOTEC GmbH supplies complete systems consisting of the measuring sensors and the operating program.

This consists of:

  • Lamp- (Signal) control to indicate the operating status,
  • Automatically sluice control program and signaling,
  • Delivery of measuring and mechanical equipment,

Engineering planning in cooperation with the construction execution / civil-work partner. 

2) Weirs (Dam) with ship sluice to ensure navigation

In most cases, by using natural rivers to transport people and goods, a large number of dams with a ship's sluice are required in order to be able to pass the weirs in both directions of travel. The aim is to guarantee a constant water depth so that the rivers can be used in a large length. The number of required weirs and sluices depends on the geography of the river. Depending on the width of the river, the weir will be divided into several storage elements, so that in case of failure, not the entire weir be out of service. The first, lake-facing dam is influenced in the underwater Tide, here the water level changes due to the tide. Also, the underwater is brackish, and in the top of the river (uphill) there is pure sweet water, which will be mixed below the weir with salt water.

Type and technical principle of the Parameters registration:

  • Water level measurement on the upstream side,
  • Water level measurement at the underwater side,
  • Position of the floodgates to the upstream side,
  • Position of the floodgates to the downstream side,
  • Measurement of the position of the weir element (position of the protector)
  • Lamp (signal) control to indicate the operating status,
  • Delivery of measuring /sensors and mechanical equipment,
  • Automatic sluice control program and signaling,
  • Troubleshooting program (collective fault messages) in clear text explanations,
  • Engineering planning in cooperation with the partners /”civil work responsible” of the construction and machine technology.
  • Delivery of the measuring technology (sensors), assembly and commissioning.

3) Hydrography-Level for storm surge warning

Hydrography levels are classified regarding to assignment into different priorities (e.g., levels  1st priority). The sea levels are usually 1 priority for storm surge forecast. This type of levels are subject to a special rating, as they are crucial for the flood warning. The rating refers to reliability in terms of function and measurement accuracy. Mechanical floating levels will sense the water surface level and transmit the measurement data to the evaluation systems (e.g., mechanical recorders).

The accuracy of the measurement is strongly influenced by the waves at these levels. A pneumatically based level measurement has significant advantages because of the different physical measuring principle. The measured level of moving surface (caused by the wave motion) will be compensated by a larger natural measuring surface and leads to a damping of the measurement, which results a more accurate, quiet measurement. Also, additional damping measures can be easily supplemented. Modern telecommunication systems allow a transmission of the measured data to the disaster warning stations. These measuring devices can work with the lowest energy requirement (compressed air cylinder, battery, solar cells, wind power, etc.). This makes possible to set up measuring stations in hard-to-reach places as well as at a large distance to measuring station and to send the measured data to the disaster control station in order to make reliable storm surge forecasting.


Supplies and services for level measurment

Tethys ENOTEC GmbH designs, builds and delivers complete equipment for level measurement.                   

The scope of delivery includes:                                                                              

  • Development of complete location-related solutions for water level measurement,
  • Energy neutral system with his own energy supplying system
  • Measurement data recording through innovative measuring methods,
  • Telecommunications data transmission,
  • Measurement data Logger,


For special and individual technical wishes or Systems-Applications (Tailor made / Retrofit / Special Manufacturing), please contact us directly. 

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